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Phone Care is Authorized Service Centre for Many of Handset which are to support all Mobile Requirements and Provide all Solutions .

Warranty policy

A Warranty Service Order must be requested from Phone Care within Warranty Period from the date of receipt of shipment. To request a Warranty Service Order.To obtain warranty service, you must deliver the product, in either its original packaging “Full Package “for DOA and DAP Case to the address specified by Phone Care. In accordance with applicable law.Phone Care may require the customer to furnish proof of purchase details and/or comply with registration requirements before receiving warranty service.It is your responsibility to backup any data, software, or other materials you may have stored or preserved on the product. It is likely that such data, software, or other materials will be lost or reformatted during service, and Phone Care will not be responsible for any such damage or loss.


In the event of any defect in the device affects the performance of the device or was not conforming to the specifications within 30 days from the date of purchase, the buyer is entitled to replace the device with another new device with all its components or recover the value of the device from the place / point of purchase purchased from the device provided that the old device And its original condition with the availability of the tax invoice.

Notice: - This Action will be Confirmed after the technical examination and get receipt of maintenance report

Warranty Terms

Standard warranty period for the device is 12 months from the date of purchase. The warranty period for the accessories is 3 months from the date of purchase, if not mentioned another.

During the warranty period, the authorized maintenance center will repair the device or replace parts of it if the equipment is defective. The customer will not be charged any costs (spare parts, labour or any other costs) to repair the machine during the warranty period. Become the service center.

Once the device is delivered to the service center, the center has the right to open the device and repair it without referring to the customer.

The customer must keep the original purchase invoice throughout the warranty period.

Out of Warranty Conditions

The device shall not be considered as warranty in the event of any misuse by the customer or any of the following cases:

- If the device exceeds the warranty period.
- If there is no warranty card or purchase invoice approved, an exception can be granted in this case if it is confirmed that the machine is already within the warranty period.
- In case the customer receives promises of maintenance within the guarantee from Unauthorized service center .
- The device is damaged due to inappropriate use by the customer (phone fall, pressure, exposure to liquid, etc.).
- Damage caused by the device is incorrect in contravention of the instruction manual accompanying the product (such as using the device in a very high / very low temperature environment or using Not related to manufacture accessories.
- Natural damage to the product in terms of external cover, button, screen, accessories, etc.).

Rules and instructions of warranty

- Both the warranty card and the approved invoice are the primary guarantee of your rights, please be sure to keep them.
- If you lose any invoice or proof of purchase and cannot provide a copy of the approved invoice or proof of purchase, we will compare the date three months after the date of manufacture of the phone and the date of registration of the warranty card electronically, and choose the appropriate date to serve as the date of purchase, Free maintenance service for your phone.
- Phone care is entitled by warranty of the selected entity only with the manufacture .
- Accessories (such as a cover, a screen protector sticker, a backpacks) and other accessories that may affect the performance of the device or make it abnormal may not be considered a condition for replacing the device. You can obtain a new accessory without replacing the device.
- The damaged parts that have been replaced within the warranty belong to Phone Care In accordance with the Environmental Protection Act.

Instructions must be followed before sending the device for maintenance and confirmation of backup copy of data

- Before sending your device for maintenance, please delete all your data from the device after backing up it (such as names, messages, pictures, etc.) to avoid loss or leakage of these data after maintenance. To maintain your privacy, the Phone Care Service and Maintenance Center, as well as its employees, shall not be held or liable to make a backup copy or restore your data, and at the same time, do not bear any consequences resulting in the loss or leakage of such data.Other instructions :
- During warranty service the contents of the storage media may be deleted and reformatted.
- If there is a dispute about any of the terms of the security certificate, please contact the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA) of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, the Public Service Center at No. 155 or the address of the device (Smart Village, K28 Cairo Alex Road, Sahrawai, Giza, Building B4) At
- The laws of the country shall be taken as a primary reference in the event of any conflict between this service policy and national laws and regulations.


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